New at SECUREX 2010


AAT Holding sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 7A, Stand 2

ALEXOR: wireless alarm system with two-way communication by DSC
ALEXOR combines reliability of operation of traditional wired systems with the advantages wireless systems offer. Operated with wireless keyboards, ALEXOR exchange is the key element of the system connected to all the wireless devices with both two-way and one-way communication.


Outdoor LC sensors: guarantee of optimum protection
Outdoor dual animal-proof sensors LC-151 and LC-171 use microwave and infrared detection technology. Designed especially for demanding outdoor environments, the sensors ensure precision of intruder detection and minimize false alarm probability.


G-series cameras: top-quality imaging
G-series brings technologically advanced day / night cameras with high sensitivity (from 0.00003 lx/F = 1.2) and resolution (up to 700 TVL), providing top-notch quality imaging even in poor lighting environments. Their excellent parameters, combined with modern functionality of the cameras, will meet the needs of even most demanding clients.


NOVUS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (NMS): free software for visual IP monitoring
NMS is a professional and flexible solution that makes your CCTV system fully scalable and easy to extend. The configurable user interface and multi-monitor mode maximize performance of the system operator. Its automated updated function ensures on-going access to the latest software.


POLON 4100: fire alarm exchange
Compatible with all the devices of POLON 4000 series, the new POLON 4100 exchange is an interesting alternative to non-addressable systems, offering full functionality of interactive systems. The exchange supports 128 addresses, which positions it in the small and medium-sized system segment.



ACEE Europe Sp. z o. o.
Pavilion 7A, Stand 25

SELCO SIR712: PIR sensor with Reflex Optics
SELCO SIR712 is a modern, popular micro-chip sensor in PIR technology by Sunwave. The sensor is our answer to the needs of those clients that required a small, reliable and inexpensive sensor that would not draw attention and would have reflex optics, making it suitable for majority of popular alarm applications.


SUNWAVE SD5012 Magnetic Contact
The new extension of Sunwave/Selco contact line in a light alloy housing is designed for garage doors and roller blinds. The set includes a versatile bracket for quick and easy installation. The range is 45 mm, inputs have 2 or 4 wires in steel shielding.


SBTQ-HEAT is a versatile heater for Sunwave / Selco two- and three-beam barriers of SBT and SBM series. Its integrated thermostat automatically turns the heater on and ensures reliable operation of the barrier in temperatures as low as -40 C. Power supply: 12V/24V AC/DC.


SOD-100P is a modern microchip dual motion sensor in PIR technology with SELCO/SUNWAVE microwave option, immune to animals weighting up to 20 kg. The sensor is our answer to the needs of those customers that wanted a reliable, inexpensive sensor with an all-purpose NO/NC relay output and low power consumption (not more than 30 mA).


SBW barrier series is the latest extension of the range of products SUNWAVE/SELCO offers. It is designed for installation at windows, balconies, doors and everywhere reliable operation and high detection efficiency is required. Available versions with 10, 50, or 100 m range.


ACSS ID Systems Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 7A, Stand 31

Magicard Pronto
Plastic card printer with thermo-rewritable card (TRW) print option. Small, compact, modern in design, with optional Mifare/DESFire/HID/iCLASS/contact chip encoder. Polish drivers for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.

Magicard Rio XXL Pro
Professional printer designed for special, large ID's for concerts, sport events, etc. Used for printing ID's at such events as skiing world championships and many world football tournaments.

VisitBook xFR
Visitor registration system for large organizations and enterprises. Use of SQL platform ensures speed and reliability of attendance at high-traffic reception desks. It has numerous reporting and data filtering options.

Fully biodegradable cards for thermal transfer printing with photographic quality. Made completely of biodegradable PVC. After disposing, the material biodegrades completely after 1 to 5 years in a compostable environment.

TRW Cards
White cards for rewritable print using thermo-rewriting printers. They can be erased and rewritten up to 500 times. Available options include a Mifare chip or a magnetic stripe.

AG Neovo 
Pavilion 8, Stand 25

Monitor AG Neovo LCD SX17P 17"
Specifications: 1280 x 1024, 1000:1, 250 cd/m2, VGA, DVI, BNC In/Out x 2, S-Video, speakers, power supply: 12 V (additional power supply for an IP camera, for example) or 220 V, Anti-Burn-In Technology, NeoV Filter, 3D Comb Filter, Eco Smart Sensor, horizontal resolution up to 600 TVL (NTSC), 625 TVL (PAL), PIP/PAP, Freeze & 180 = freeze frame and 180° image rotate, special housing. Latest product!!!

Monitor AG Neovo LCD SX19P 19"
Specifications: 1280 x 1024, 1000:1, 250 cd/m2, VGA, DVI, BNC In/Out x 2, S-Video, Speakers, power supply: 12 V (additional power supply for an IP camera, for instance) or 220 V, Anti-Burn-In Technology, NeoV Filter, 3D Comb Filter, Eco Smart Sensor, horizontal resolution up to 600 TVL (NTSC), 625 TVL (PAL), PIP/PAP , Freeze & 180 = image freeze and 180° rotation option, special housing. Latest product!!!

Monitor AG Neovo LCD RX-W42 42"
Specifications: 1920 x 1080, 5000:1, 500 cd/m2, VGA, DVI, CVBS, S-Video, Component (YPbPr) BNC In/Out x 2, PIP, PBP & VOV functions, speakers, power supply: 12 V (additional power supply for an IP camera, for instance) or 220 V, Anti-Burn-In Technology, NeoV Filter, 3D Comb Filter, horizontal resolution up to 600 TVL (NTSC), 625 TVL (PAL), special durable and thin housing.

Monitor AG Neovo LCD U-17 17"
Specifications: 1280 x 1024, 1000:1, 250 cd/m2, VGA, DVI, USB, NeoV Filter, integrated headphones output and stereo speakers, power saving: electricity bills reduced by 50%; zero power consumption when using EcoSwitch

Visual Monitoring Academy
Pavilion 8, Stand 37

Internet preselection of CCTV operators. The first on-line service available on Polish market, testing operators' capacity to carry out CCTV monitoring. It cuts down the cost of selection, limiting the scope to only those candidates that meet the right criteria.  Ideal for the physically challenged.

Training: „Operator - CCTV monitoring in public space; legal considerations"
Two-day training teaching operators how to qualify specific incidents in legal terms and how to respond properly. Crimes and offences CCTV personnel encounters; differentiating incident from preparations, considerations regarding public space monitoring.

Training: „Legal aspects of visual monitoring system operation: monitoring, registration, data collection and access to recordings"
The first training offered in Poland to discuss legal aspects of CCTV system operation. Considerations related to monitoring, recording, and protection of recordings; CCTV and analysis of recorded material vs. personal data protection, social control over CCTV systems.


„Visual monitoring system management. Professional CCTV manager: basic training"
The training covers key elements of CCTV system management. Training based on system approach. Besides technical aspects, personnel management, strategy building and CCTV system performance assessment, information flow management, and safety zone building.


Training: "Municipal CCTV system operator"
Modern and comprehensive training for inducing CCTV operators to work in Surveillance Centers. Designed for civil employees of municipal police. The six-day training covers visual surveillance principles, perpetrators' body language, legal considerations, communication in Surveillance Centers.


Alarmnet Sp. J.
Pavilion 7A, Stand 30

Wireless video intercom sets for 1 or 2 users. They consist of a headset-free Maestro LCD with integrated memory and optional recording of an own message to visitors. All the data is sent using IP technology via 230 V power supply mains.

All-purpose short range contactless reader. Designed for both outdoor and indoor use. It supports the following cards: HID, AWID, Pyramid Series (Keri).

The integrated recorders of 4SEC2000 LCD series have complete CCTV visual supervision functionality. Designed for continuous operation, the high-tech LCD monitors ensure excellent quality of imaging. Owing to the double compression algorithm (writing and reading JPEG2000) and transmission via Internet H.264, the devices offer top quality of recorded material while maintaining high speeds of transmitting the data over the Internet.

Limitless video intercom IP system. It sends all the data via Ethernet network, so it is possible to simultaneously carry out many conversations in the system; it supports any topology, has no limit on the distance between the devices, and Plug and Play technology makes it easy to set up. Dedicated cabling or use of existing 10/100 Mb network.


4SEC store mirror with a concealed camera
A camera concealed in a Ø 60 cm store mirror.

Pavilion 7A, Stand 28

Outdoor cassettes of AGORA series
Agora is a new line of FARFISA outdoor surface mounted cassettes with modular design, thin profile, easy installation, and smart appearance. Reduced width of Agora cassette modules makes it possible to install them virtually everywhere. Unique, blue illumination facilitates identification of the called apartment.


New EXHITO devices
Exhito is a new line of devices characterized by flat casing and modern appearance suitable for any interior. These uniphones and videomonitors are equipped with additional function keys supporting both analogue and digital systems of FN4000 and DUO series.

Pavilion 7, Stand 38

Vibration sensor of fence parameter cable, successor of AN 303. It generates fewer false alarms. The controller supports higher number of parameters. Optional RS 485 interface. The device can support 2 zones, 300 m each, and has two terminations (supplied).


Microwave barrier with digital signal processing and range of 50, 80, 120, 200, 250 and 500 m. It has 16 working channels. The system generates few false alarms. It is equipped with software for calibration via a PC and automatically adjusts to ambient conditions. Ideal for high-risk facilities.


Designed for perimeter protection of army and civil facilities. The cameras detect electromagnetic radiation not visible to human eye and process it into visible images. View is available in any conditions (for instance, at night) with no additional lighting required.


Outdoor sensor with Doppler effect. It features an innovative signal analysis method using a DSP processor. That ensures high level of detection and no false alarms. The device is designed for protecting facilities requiring high quality of intruder detection. The range is 12 m and 24 m.


It detects pressure differences generated by intruders in the detection zone (it reacts to pressure). Concealed, it cannot be removed or damaged and uses most advanced digital technology of signal processing.


Pavilion 8, Stand 11

PX-8000 Audio Matrix 8x8
The matrix has 8 BGM inputs, 4 for remote microphones, a paging microphone, memory for an alarm message, and a fire alarm connection. They are suitable for combining an unlimited number of the matrices. Digital panels with selection and adjustment of BGM volume, local line and microphone inputs. Most versatile system for any extended PA application.

PAC-5000: Complete Integrated PA System
24-zone system playing two music programs at a time. Output power 2 x 500 W RMS, after connecting an external amplifier. 5 microphone inputs and a paging microphone. Many sound sources (CD/USB MP3, WMA / tuner FM / 2 x AUX / internal memory). Wide choice of applications and extension to 120 zones.

Bomber: broadband speaker system
One of the most effective speaker systems in the world. 1000 W of base section and 450 W AES of midwoofer and treble provides 141 dB SPL. Owing to the broad range of frequency response, there is no need to install additional subwoofers. Suitable for theaters, clubs, sport venues, at stadiums, or concerts.

AXYS Intellivox Digital Directivity Synthesis
Electronic shaping of beam patterns and frequency characteristics. Using the DDS speakers, we can get the best sound coverage, reflection control, and even spectrum in the whole coverage area. Particularly recommended for high reverberation spaces. Ensures maximum intelligibility of speech. Perfect for passenger terminals and stations.

ABT-V200 EOL: speaker line control system
ABT-V200 EOL is Ambient's in-house designed system. It controls the status of speaker lines made in 100-70-50 V technology. The testing covers closing, opening, earthing and, what's particularly interesting, ensures control and location of single speakers. Ideal in any DSO system, especially in high risk areas.

Pavilion 7A, Stand 23

MAP5000: modular burglary alarm exchange
MAP5000 is a new system that can be adjusted to any facility's needs. It can handle up to 8 address loops, input / output modules, 500 zones, 4000 users, 32 graphic touch keyboards. MAP5000 is simple to integrate with management systems.

ERMO482X PRO 500: digital microwave barrier with 500 m range
The new microwave barrier by CIAS sets a new market standard. Now securing large areas is very simple. Digital signal processing, fuzzy-logic analysis, 24 GHz frequency and 500 m range.

MIC: durable PTZ cameras
Integrated fast PTZ camera, extremely durable, IP68. Suitable for special applications: in explosion-risk areas, aggressive environments (stainless steel), with infrared vision converters, night vision system, integrated PA speakers.

VideoSphere by March Networks is a modern, advanced, and complete IP CCTV system. It is supplied with VMS managing software with intelligent image analysis functions, megapixel cameras, IP encoders ensuring integration with existing systems and an SDK package.

Virtualization in IP CCTV systems
Geutebrück supplies IP CCTV solutions of top reliability level. They are based on modular cluster servers with virtual GeViScope servers in redundant configuration. Data is stored in RAID-6 matrices. The system is configured and monitored remotely.

AXIS Communications GmbH
Pav. 7A, st. 22

Axis Q1910-E
Axis Q1910-E is a first thermal network camera for professional surveillance which is adapted to demanding outdoor installations. AXIS Q1910-E is designed to work in difficult weather and poor lighting conditions. AXIS Q1910-E is equipped with a cover that is compliant with IP66 standard. It protects the camera against unfavourable weather conditions and attempts of devastation. The camera registers images in 160x128 resolution at 8.33 fps speed and 17° angle of view. AXIS Q1910-E encrypts images in H.264 standard.
It transfers bi-directional audio and has a local storage. It is powered in accordance with PoE standard.


AXIS Q1910
AXIS Q1910 is a first thermal network camera for indoor installations that is suitable for using in rooms filled with smoke or where there is little light. The camera registers images in 160x128 resolution at 8.33 fps speed and 17° angle of view. AXIS Q1910 encrypts images in H.264 standard. It transfers bi-directional audio and has a local storage. It is powered in accordance with PoE standard and is compliant with ONVIF platform.



Biuro Techniczne BOTT
Pavilion 7, Stand 31

SIBO clamping seal

SIBO clamping seal: working length 30 cm, line diameter 2.2 mm, unique metal locking chamber, breaking strength 10 kg. Temperature range: -20 /+80 0C. Suitable for permanent printing of logos, bar codes, numbers. Available in five colors. Manufacturer: BOTT Tech.

SIBO-BAG: seal for bag closing
SIBO-BAG closing seal is suitable for securing bags, big-bags, cars. Spikes prevent sliding off the bag; additional strap makes it easy to attach a tag. Its unique metal locking chamber guarantees high level of safety. Manufacturer: BOTT Tech.

Pav. 7, st. 46

Megapixel Day&Night Fixed Box Network Camera

- H.264, MJPEG and MPEG - 4 Triple Codec Compression
- Simultanecus Dual Stream for Optimized Quality and Bandwidth
- 1 DI/DO for Exterral Alrm and Sensor Device
- Built-in SD/SDHC Memory Card Slot for Local Storage
- Built-in 802.3af Compliant POE
- Removable IR-Cut Filter for Day and Night Function
- Support WiMax, Digital frame, power line application
802.11 b/g/n Compliance Wireless Connectivity (wFB-100A)
- WPS Function Support for Easy Wireless Network Setup (wFB-100Aa)
- Intelligence Video Analysis Function Support (FB-100Aa) (wFB-100Aa)  


Megapixel Day & Night Fixed Dome Network Camera
Wide View Coverage, Built-in IR Illuminator LEDs, Removable IR-cut Filter / Auto Light Sensor for Day and Night, Support MPEG-4 / MJPEG and H.264 Codec Compression, Built-in 802.3af Compliant PoE (Power over Ethernet), 1 DI/DO for External Alarm and Sensor Device, Easy Config. for the Utility and GUI  Integration, Support 3G portable device.



Megapixel Cube Network Camera
Compact and streamline design, Built-in PIR Sensor and Illumination LED, Built-in MIC and speaker, Easy Configuration for the Utility and GUI Integration, Built-in Micro SD memory card slot, MPEG-4, MJPEG and H.264 Triple Codec Compression, 802.11b/g/n Wireless connectivity (WCB-100A), WPS supported for easy wireless network setup (WCB-100A).  


Outdoor Megapixel Bullet Network Camera
3.3~12mm Motorized-Vari-focal Lens, Simultaneous Dual Stream and Triple Codec (H.264/ MJPG/ MPEG-4), Auto Iris, Smart Focus, Remote Zoom, Weather Proof with Built-in Fan & Heater for Critical Working Temperature (IP67), Removable IR-cut Filter for Day and Night, Built-in IR LEDs, Built-in 11a/b/g/n Wireless Connectivity with WPS button for Easy Wireless Network Setup(WOB-100A), Built-in 3G SIM Slot for Wireless Connection(GOB-100A).


Stand-alone Network Video Recorder
Manage up to 16 Network Camera, High Quality Live/Playback Video, Export Playback Videos to AVI, Advance PTZ Control, Linux-embedded Operating System, Various Types of Event Alerts, User Level Access Control, Pure Web Based Administration, Support of External UPS System.


Pavilion 7, Stand 12


SAIK TUBE is a MODERN way to store keys and other small objects in specially designed tubes. It ensures protection of the deposited things by preventing visual surveillance by unauthorized persons. It supplements SAIK system.

CAMSAT. Gralak Przemysław
Pav. 7A, st. 19

It is 8-channel wireless sequential receiver with automatic channel switching. Receiver with omnidirectional antenna allowes for receiving video signal from one of 8 transmitters and switching to nest transmitter, only between earlier programmed channels.

CAM 5816sq-Rx.jpg

CDS 5021
Indoor digital wireless audio&video transmission system 5.2GHz (monitoring of elevators and other moving objects) for up to 100 meters. Thanks to OFDM digital modulation doesn't require being in a "line of sight".

CDS 5021h
Outdoor digital wireless audio&video transmission system 5.2GHz for up to 2 km. Radiolink designed for big professional CCTV city monitoring system where high resistance for interference and transmission coding is desired.  


CDS 5021h-Tx.jpg

CDS 5021TV
Indor digital mobile wireless  audio&video transmission system 5.2GHz. TV set is designed for cameras in motion, used for video transmission from moving vehicle or cameramen moving for example on a stage (max. range of works 500 meters).  

CDS 5021TV (2).jpg

Indoor wireless audio&video transmission system (in mini housing) 5.8GHz for up to 1 km. Due to is't small dimensions transmitter can be installed in most CCTV cameras housing. CAM 5816m has 8 operating channels (possibility of using 16 operating channels outside UE).

CAM 5816m-Rx.jpg

Outdoor wireless audio&video transmission system 5.8GHz for up to 3 km. Possibility of using 8 independent video channels (16 operating channels outside UE) in connection with really high picture quality makes CAM5816 suitable for almost every video monitoring system of high demand.

CAM 5816h.jpg

Cardco Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 7, Stand 48

BioLite Solo biometric reader
BioLite Solo is a simple, autonomous biometric access control device. It ensures safety and comfort. Easy registration and deleting users directly at the device with no need to connect to a PC. BioLite can be used both indoor and outdoor.

BioLite Net biometric reader
BioLite Net, the smallest in the world, TCP/IP communication protocol based fingerprint lines terminal with work time settlement and access control. Waterproof casing ensures additional durability and the reader is perfectly suitable for outdoor installation.

TOCAintegra biometric reader
Opening doors is as simple as swiping a finger at the scanner. "Where's my key?" Does it sound familiar? You often cannot find that key just when you need it!... But not any more... TOCAintegra will eliminate that problem.

Pass contactless card reader
Xpass is an innovative contactless card reader used for access control and work time settlement. Supported protocols, such as Wiegand, RS485 and TCP/IP ensure flexible adjustment of the device to system requirements. Ingress protection class IP65.

Pavilion 7A, Stand 34

NAVI-BOX Global Personal Localization System
Most technologically advanced personal system of GPS positioning in real time used for protection and control of property and persons.

DCB sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 8, Stand 63

DeCoBa 1085 cashier lamp
Cashier lamp for counterfeit banknote detection. The first device of the type to which banknotes are not inserted but viewed in reflexive white light. Perfect for all currencies of the world. Simple and effective banknote authenticity verification.

DELTA-OPTI Monika Matysiak
Pav. 7A, st. 11

Światłowodowe konwertery video
The OFT series devices allow to transit up to eight analogue video or audio channels and RS485 telemetry data channel over one single-mode fiber for up to 20 kms or two multi-mode fibers up to 1,5 kms. Some models are equipped with alarm outputs. The devices are designed to work with any cameras.


Pav. 8, st. 34

Ex-safe is unic with protection of a 19" cupboard and includes both detection controlpanel and extinguishing gas for the cupboard. 


Proinert is an inertgas extinguishing system that has a new type of valve, which take away the high pressure pike when gas is relised and help the customer to save money on the installation.


Protectowire is a Digital Linear Heat detector, that can detect fire in all its length and up to 1500 meter in each sector.





Pavilion 7, Stand 59

FENCEBOX®: portable rollaway fence system
FENCEBOX® portable rollaway system is an excellent alternative to road barriers or stationary fences used by police, special services or safety personnel. Very quick and easy to install, the system is of exceptional durability (also in dynamic terms), and does not require storage space after use. FENCEBOX® system is designed to be used as both temporary (portable) protection and permanent solution (stationary installation of the boxes).

FHU GLOBE Sp. z o.o.

Pavilion 7, Stand 37

Multisafe in M-1 safety class
Class 1 safety graded M-1 multisafe combines advantages of a standard multisafe and a strongbox. Increased safety and functionality makes it suitable for storing valuables overnight, limiting one-time access to only some of the cash, effective physical and psychological protection of not only the bank but also the cashier.

VERTERA Recycler
VERTERA recycler by TALARIS (formerly De La Rue) is the most modern of its class device for bank cash handling. VERTERA accepts and dispenses banknotes, detects their authenticity and damage. VERTERA reduces the amount of cash involved in cash handling, limits the handling time and number of required convoys.

Gunnebo Polska Sp. z o.o.

Pavilion 7, Stand 50

Trident: a true safe
Gunnebo concern proudly presents a safe with complete triple protection: against breaking, against fire and against explosion! It guarantees complete safety of the stored paper documentation, banknotes and valuables in the highest available protection classes.

Tripod SlimStile BA: access control
Compact device ensuring proper level of indoor safety. The device takes up little usable floor space in an office. Tripod SlimStile BA is combination of reliability with high efficiency of operation.

Tripod SlimStile EV: access control
The device has been designed for servicing high numbers of users in those locations, where passage aesthetics are important. Effectiveness, ease of operation, and low demand for energy are only a few examples of the device's advantages.

SafeStoreAuto: Automated Deposit Box System
A unique self-service system that allows clients to use their bank deposit boxes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. SafeStore Auto combines innovativeness of concept, modern design and reliable technology.

SafeCash Retail Station: self-service terminal for cash deposits and collections in a close cycle
The self-service terminal is a modern solution allowing cashiers to safely empty, fill, and supply cashier desks with cash. The terminal supports both banknotes and coins. The device checks authenticity of banknotes and coins and counts the amount.

HONEYWELL Life Safety Austria GmbH
Pavilion 8, Stand 45

Esser by Honeywell: FlexES Control fire alarm exchange
Honeywell Life Safety Austria launches FlexES, the latest generation of fire alarm exchanges, with a completely new hardware and software platform, characterized by high efficiency and speed of operation, flexibility of software, full modularity of the exchange and retroactive compatibility.

INFO-CAM Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 7A, Stand 33

DiGieyes DE-B920N
Innovative IP camera with 2 Mega-pixel resolution based on 1/3" CMOS transducer by Micron. Its unique features include smooth operation in LAN and WAN networks owed to its H.264 Main Profile @ Level 3 compression technology, and an extended video processor that guarantees perfect image quality.

DiGieyes DE-DCC13S4
Day / night cameras wit mechanical, removable IR filter of 580 TVL resolution in color mode and 700 TVL resolution in BW mode. 1/3" Sony Super HAD transducer, high sensitivity to minimum lighting of 0.0002 Lux with Sens-up function on, integrated OSD menu.

DiGieyes KCS9416e
Hybrid Digital Recorder, 16 video inputs, 16 audio inputs, display speed in real time 400 frames per second, speed of recording for 720 x 576 resolution: 400 frames per second; OS: Microsoft Embedded; possibility of connecting 16 IP cameras, maximum resolution for IP cameras: 5 MPx.

AVerMedia SEB3104H
4-input digital recorder, H.264 image compression, display and recording speed of 100 fps in 720 x 576 resolution, OS: Embedded Linux, graphic user interface, compatible with LAN, WAN, full USB mouse operation, remote access using PDA, GSM.

ISM EuroCenter S.A.
Pavilion 7A, Stand 6

Open platform Avigilon Control Center
Network solution with embedded analytical functions that use high resolution technology to ensure full situation awareness of the protected facility.

Janex International Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 7A, Stand 18

IP system by LG
LG created a line of IP products (dome, stationary, megapixel cameras, video servers and dedicated software) based on the latest technical achievements, equipping it with such solutions as double data streaming H-264 and MJPG or intelligent video analysis VCA.

INTROX IN43xx series of recorders
The new IN43xx DVRs by INTROX will satisfy all those who seek high quality at a sound price. The basic functions of the series are: writing max 400 IPS, H.264, LAN, up to 4 audio channels, DVD-RW, Web Server and free monitoring and management software for two monitors.

RP128KP touch-type keyboard by RISCO Group
The extremely modern appearance of RP128KP touch-type keyboard with 7'' display differentiates the product from its competitors. The encoder is available in two versions (one with a contactless reader) and is designed for operation with ProSYS alarm exchange line.

IT line by INTROX
Cameras and recorders from IT series by INTROX are particularly recommended for low-budget facilities. The high technical parameters and the favorable price characterize all the products of IT series: domes, vandal-resistant and IR illumination cameras, recorders with H.264 compression.

IP system by INTROX

IP solutions by INTROX using H.264 compression are already available. The broad offer of devices includes: encoders, decoders, revolving heads, dome cameras, IR and mega-pixel cameras as well as free system management software.

KABE Systemy Alarmowe Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 7A, Stand 38

Radar and camera 360° surveillance systems
Microwave surveillance radars by ICx and Navtech with integrated PTZ cameras are an indispensable tool for open space protection. The system automatically detects and monitors potential intruders in any weather and lighting conditions, 24/7. The range is from 200 to 1400 m.

Fiber Defender: fiber optic perimeter protection
Exceptional features of Fiber Defender fence protection system include insensitivity to radio and electrical impulses, reliability of operation and elimination of false alarms. The reference list contains airports, power stations, military facilities, and, due to its competitive price, private enterprises and other facilities.

Pavilion 7, Stand 3 

Payman: pay machine
The pay machine accepts payments using coins and banknotes. Besides traditional cash payments, the device supports use of pay cards and gives change, both in banknotes and in coins.

GFS 100 (GLORY) quantity and quality counter
The counter uses unique scanning technology coupled with a contact image sensor (CIS) of the highest resolution level and ensures the best-in-class level of banknote authenticity control.

KABA CENCON SYSTEM 2000 electronic lock
It ensures the highest level of safety. The lock substitutes mechanical and electronic devices owing to its system of single-use codes. Its simplicity made it one of the most popular systems in the world.

Money-box: automated deposit machine
The offered machine is an automated system for making coin and, optionally, banknote deposits. Its functionality is similar to standard cash deposit machines'. Its use can be educational because of its designation: it is made children saving for specific purposes.

Konsmetal S.A.
Pavilion 7, Stand 22

LS safes
LS safes certified in S1, S2, O and I classes. Unique construction of the anti-breaking frame (patent-protected solution). Filled with material of increased fire resistance (Class A1). Door opening angle is 180 degrees, which ensures easy access to the safe's inside. Manufactured using laser technology.

Electronic cash depository in NII-NVI Classes
Unique construction of the drum with a large turn angle, protected against package fishing. Barriers detecting package depositing and fishing attempts. Optional recording of making a deposit at an electronic card, instead of a printout (patent-protected solution). Access control with single-use codes.

Light safes KPL in Classes 0-VII
The first product on the market to offer high level of protection combined with reduced product weight and fire protection. Unique, ultra light filling ensures significant reduction (as much as by half, in higher classes) of the product's weight with no detriment to the anti-breaking protection level. Additional thermal insulation ensured. The solution is patent-protected.

Konsorcjum FEN Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 7A, Stand 13

MARCH Networks VideoSphere Analytics: Image analysis system
Professional surveillance software. It warns about incidents and threats and ensures advanced traffic monitoring and analysis of crowd behavior (falling of persons or objects, face recognition). The software detects, in real time, unusual camera operation, supports maintaining high activity of the system by warning about obstacles or changing camera position that the operator could miss.

MARCH Networks VideoSphere NetMegaPX 1080p
IP cameras of MegaPX series combine mega-pixel quality and 16:9 HD format with H.264 compression technology. The resultant bandwidth savings and free disc space support recording footage in 720 p and 1080 p resolution directly at SDHC memory cards. It makes it possible to have a back-up copy, so important in case of network failures. The cameras support simultaneous sending of video in high resolution via the network with maximum fps (1080 p at 30 fps in full resolution 2 Mpx), ensuring exceptional level of detail and motion capturing.

MARCH Networks VideoSphere PTZ MegaDome
PTZ MegaDome, a multiple prize winner, is the first camera to combine PTZ mega-pixel functionality with MPEG-4 compression. Up to 1600 x 1200 (2 Mpx) resolution with 15 fps 1.3 Mpx real-time speed ensure video imaging of truly high quality. MegaDome transmits H.264 video stream in D1 resolution. Its rotation speed of 400 degrees per second ensures the cameras extremely easy and quick positioning. Convenient settings with auto-homing function, monitoring route setting, auto focus function, 16x optical zoom, unlimited digital zoom and background compression are additional arguments for the product.

Heavy duty IP camera ACTi ACM-3701
Exceptionally durable IP camera. Maximally reinforced to endure vandalism and adverse weather conditions. Equipped with a 1/3" CMOS transducer, it offers 1280 x 1024 image resolution. ACTI ACM- 3701 can withstand even strong blows with heavy objects! It has been favorably tested in extreme situations: attempted damage with a fire extinguisher, storage in a freezer, and even long submersion in water. Poe camera is powered directly from Ethernet.

Mega-pixel IP camera ACTi TCM-5311
ACTi TCM-5311 is one of the best mega-pixel IP cameras in its class. It features CCD - 1/3" Sony 1.25M ExviewHAD transducer and H.264 compression. The small IP camera will satisfy all those who require clear picture recorded also at night. Mechanical IR Cut Filter function ensures detailed vision in very poor lighting conditions. The camera has excellent quality to price index!

KRUSE Sicherheitssysteme
Pavilion 8, Stand 46

KRUSE fire key casket, 2003 type
Optimal solution for fire brigade interventions. It ensures quick access to keys when needed! Instead of giving keys to the facility, only keys to the casket are given. It has electronic safeguards protecting against drilling. Reliable mechanism, modern construction, tamperproof protection.

KRUSE SW3 key depository
The key depository changes future into presence: it offers the users new possibilities of most modern key management. An integrated computer administers users and their individual rights to use the keys. The unit registers collecting and depositing keys.

KRUSE key manager
The key manager mechanism facilitates, in a simple way, keeping order in those enterprises where many keys are used very often. The information which employee took which key is available immediately. Quick access to keys, key circulation control, reliability, ease of operation.

Key box of 4/1 type
A key box is an inexpensive miniature of a safe key deposit. It can be used as a container for passing keys or messages or for storing valuables and code cards. The four-digit combination lock controls the lid of the key box. The digit code can be changed. 

LINC Sp. z o. o.
Pav. 7, st. 47

Multi-functional Full-HD control software Pview 7 Dallmeier
Multi-functional Full-HD control tool for CCTV/IP surveillance - Pview 7, with different picture compression processes and transmission codings (H.264 MPEG-4, H.261, Wavelet, MPEG-2, and JPEG) for live and archived pictures can be decoded. Additionally joystick control allows for a highly convenient and intuitive handling of PView 7.



The series of PIR's detectors XTralis ADPRO
The series of PIR's detectors XTralis ADPRO embraces of narrow curtain detectors of medium-range (60m) and long-range (120-150m) and volumetric detectors (fro 15° to 90°, range up to 75m). Designed to Outdoor perimeter and area detection - also at unfavourable conditions (eg. the fog). Perfectly support video surveillance systems.



FLIR Thermal imaging camera SR-304
Thermal imaging camera SR-304 is a newest Flir product. It's only one uncooled device on security and surveillance market with so good range performance: >2000m man, >5000m object (car, boat). Flir equipped camera now with new athermal lens, there is no need for user focus adjustments.  


HeiTel - hybrid video transmission and recording system CamDisk HNVR 10
CamDisk HNVR 10 is hybrid video transmission and recording system for signals from analogue cameras and IP cameras different producers (also megapixel resolutions - like MOBOTIX). Consist 2 independent Ethernet ports (separately for cameras IP and separately for data transmission and alarms). Is compatible with HeiTel's software - from one-site CamControl to server system EMS.



M24M Mobotix - 3 megapixel IP camera
M24M is the latest camera in the offer of the firm MOBOTIX. This 3 megapixel IP camera thanks to use effective processor makes possible to get of excellent quality of picture with high framerate in all resolutions. Build-in complete software makes M24M completely independent device. The new construction warranty the class IP66.



Mankowski: Safety Systems for Fire Escapes
Pavilion 8, Stand 54

Safeguards for fire escapes meeting the requirements of PN 179 and PN 1125 standards. Solutions for any fire escape door: equipped with a handle, a panic bar or a push bar. The information about opening the door can be radio-transmitted to, for instance, a permanently supervised room.

MM Kontroler EH: installation with a door handle
Simple installation under the handle, 75 dB/1 m signal, optionally 105 dB, alarm override with a unique key, battery-powered, remote signal transmission (optional), system tampering attempt alarm (optional), metal, durable casing and construction, 5-year guarantee.

MM Kontroler EH: installed with a panic bar
Simple installation under the bar, 75 dB/1 m signal, optionally 105 dB, alarm override with a unique key, battery-powered, remote signal transmission (optional), system tampering attempt alarm (optional), metal, durable casing and construction, 5-year guarantee.

Day Alarm
Simple installation at doors or windows, optical and acoustic (105 dB) alarm signal, overriding with a unique key, one-time or permanent access, remote signal transmission (optional). 230 V power supply adaptor.

Alarm for panic bars
Simple installation under the bar, 85 dB/1 m alarm signal, alarm overriding with a unique key, battery-powered, remote signal transmission (optional), system tampering attempt alarm, power battery with voltage control, remote signal transmission (optional).

Alarm for push bars
Simple installation under the bar, 85 dB/1 m alarm signal, alarm overriding with a unique key, battery-powered, remote signal transmission (optional), system tampering attempt alarm, power battery with voltage control, remote signal transmission (optional).

Pavilion 8, Stand 35

Professional VIDEO surge protection + RS485 protection + 24 VAC / 5 A power supply protection. IP55 casing. Operating temperature from -40 to +80°C.

2G-2.1.4: LAN-RING manageable industrial switch
LAN-RING manageable gigabyte industrial switch, 2 x optical port SC (SM) 2 Gbps + 1 x GE UTP + 4 x FE UTP (PoE) + I2C, VLAN, 802.1p/q, QoS, local / remote management, ring topology, surge protection, working temperature from -40°C, range up to 20 km.

Set: 2 x mini MT transmitter with surge protection + 1 x 2-channel receiver 2GRX with galvanic line separation, three-band frequency correction, surge protection up to 5 kA. Range up to 1200 m via UTP. Operating temperature from -40 to +60°C.

Converters for SVGA signal transmission via a twisted pair. Range 200 m with maximum resolution 1920 x 1080. Amplitude and frequency attenuation correction, sensitive surge protection. Installed at a DIN bar. Operating temperature from -40 to +60°C.

BREAK-TWA: audio system
The system consists of active industrial microphones for AUDIO signal transmission and receivers in 1-channel BOX or 8-channel 1U19 versions". Range of transmission up to 1000 m at UTP Cat. 5. The microphones can be powered from the receivers. Integrated surge protection.

Pavilion 8A, Stand 11

NRE-101: vehicle recorder
The device is designed for detecting and monitoring geographic position, parameters, control of access to vehicles, and detecting an monitoring parameters of the cargo. It has been created for ensuring maximum flexibility in the fleet management system development process.

CR-100: ID card and driver card reader
CR-100 card reader is a versatile electronic card reader. Connected to NRE-101 recorder, it can send driver card data directly to the transport company headquarters. Additionally, it can be used as a reader for the ID card of the driver currently driving the vehicle.

NTERM-150: digital temperature taking sensor
NTERM-150 temperature reader is an advance digital thermometer with measurement range from -30 to +70 °C and ±1 °C accuracy. The reader has been designed as an element of NRE-101 recorder, to which up to 4 NTERM-150 units can be connected, but it can operate autonomously.

TOMTEXT: text communicator
TOMTEXT is an application based on navigation systems by TomTom. It expands use of the devices with functions related to transport logistics. Connected to NRE-101 recorder and equipped with Tomtext application, TomTom navigation additionally offers text communication between the driver and the forwarder.

Pawilon 7, stoisko 45

Driver based long range vehicle RFID
The solution is based on a device which is installed in the car and transfers wireless the ID of driver and vehicle simultanously over more then 10 m. This unique RFID device is called a BOOSTER and is applicable for many Proximity cards and Smartcard like HID, LEGIC, Mifare technology.


AP6003 - IP reader interface
The AP6003 is a fully transparent IP reader that communicates with an AEpu via Ethernet instead of the AEbus, providing a one-tier solution. The unit can be powered over Ethernet (PoE) or by a traditional power supply. The AP6003 can control two doors and has a fall back mode to guarantee basic access control even when the network is down.


Convexs MD80
Convexs MD80 - Dual technology Mifare and DESFire reader
Convexs readers enable clients with Nedap AEOS, Nedap XS or a third party access control system to migrate smoothly to Mifare or DESFire (including EV1) technology. The Convexs MD80 features dual reader technology; it can interchangeably read Mifare and DESFire credentials. All types are available in different colours, in both flush and surface mount housing. The flush mount version has especially been designed to fit in a junction box. Additional vandal proof protectors are available to protect the reader in harsh environments.


Nedap RefleXS antenna
Nedaps best selling range of RefleXS antennas provide stylish and user friendly proximity reading of Nedap cards. Authorized personnel or visitors carrying their card in their clothing, bag or brief case are granted swift and comfortable access to the premises or specific areas. RefleXS antennas offer reliable and comfortable access control for virtually all environments.


Pav. 7, st. 32

IP Camera 1,3Mpx CCD - PTZ - DS-2DF1-671
Novelty in the series of IP Internec products. Outside megapixel camera, PTZ dome, with x10 optical zoom. 1,3Mpx CCD image sensor employed with progressive scanning, with high sensitivity 0.1 lx/ 0.01 lx. Image resolution and frame rate: HD720 - 25fps, 1280x960px - 12fps. Image compression: H264.

DS-2cd862f-e internec_IP.jpg

IP Camera 5Mpx - DS-2CD886MF-E
This advanced product of series of the IP Internec is equipped with many functions such as auto-iris control, IRC filter, sens-up and HDMI interface. The new image sensor with progressive scanning is employed, thanks to this even objects in movement do not have fuzzy edges. Among megapixel cameras, the 5Mpx Internec camera is distinguished by high sensitivity equal 0.5lx/ 0.1lx/ 0.008lx. Image resolution and frame rate: HD1080P- 25fps, 2048×1536 -12fps, 2560×1920 - 8fps. Image compression: H264.

DS-2CD886MF-E Internec IP.jpg

IP Camera 1,3Mpx CCD - DS-2CD862MF-E
A characteristic feature of this IP camera is a 1.3Mpx CCD image sensor with progressive scanning type. Images acquired from the camera are clear even in fast movement, because there is not sawtooth effect on the edges (unlike cameras with sensor of interlace scanning type). High sensitivity 0.1lx/ 0.01lx and auto-iris control predispose this camera to outside use. Image resolution and frame rate: HD720- 25fps, 1280×960px  -12fps. Image compression: H264.


4-channel video server IP with SD card recording - DS-6104HCI-SD
4-channel network video server of the IP Internec can capture analogue signal from video inputs and send compressed image to any location in the IP network. Image compression: H264. Equipped with 4 audio inputs and RS485 interface to control speed dome. The function of SDHC recording allows to use device as a mobile recorder with no HDD.


Series of IP Cameras PTZ DS-2DF1-61x
Family of high speed dome IP Internec are characterized by high rate of capabilities to price. Available models differ in parameters of image sensor and the value of zoom (x22, x23, x30, x36). 200 presets, 8 patrols, 4 patterns, two-way audio, alarm input and output, SDHC card. IP module in cameras allows to transmit smooth image of 25fps in 4CIF image resolution with H264 compression. Full service by free iVMS software with support up to 50 IP Internec devices.

internec_ds-6104HCI-SD BNC.bmp 

NEXT! S.c. Sławomir Piela, Bartłomiej Dryja
Pav. 7A, st. 26

Kronos net 2.0 revolution
Innovative, unique, otuch-screen interface for monitoring station automation software. This solution drastically speds up and simplifies managing the content of the information received by the operators.

Nexwell Engineering
Pavilion 7, Stand 35

Nexwell: NXW103 zone keyboard
It is a device extending the possibilities of arming and disarming alarm system elements being an integral part of Nexo home automation system. The product is designed for entry rooms in given building. Additional functions: integrated thermometer and clock on the display.

Nexwell: NXW102.2 LCD touch-type panel (flush-mounted design)
Integral element of Nexo system. Functionality: graphic representation of the system status and controlling operation of the exchange. Color LCD matrix 800 x 600 pixels, 8.4", audio-video connection, user-friendly graphic interface, remote software update.

Nexwell: TUKAN bus
Communication standard ensuring considerable cabling limiting; only two pairs of cables connecting adjacent devices are needed for building a communication network using TUKAN devices. The simplified cabling reduces the cost of investment and installation time of Nexo automation system.

Nexwell: NXW396 command card
Open communication protocol card. Control and monitoring of Nexo system status using a set of text commands sent in RS485 standard. Signal conversion into RS232 or USB standard ensures software management of the system from an in-house developed PC application.

NXW299.2 TUKAN temperature sensor module (flush-mounted version)
Temperature measurement and home heating control. Integrated 7-channel thermostat, temperature measurement (0.5°C accuracy), support of heaters with low and high temperature inertia, regulated width of thermostat hysteresis.

Network Video Technologies Ltd
Pawilon 7A, stoisko 15A

Stub EQ Active Receiver Hubs
Employing NVT's latest generation StubEQTM technology, the stub EQs are active (amplified) hubs that allow the transmission of real time monochrome or color video for distances up to 600m (2,000ft) using Category 5 or better unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) wire. The receiver hub continuously and automatically conditions the video signal, compensating for cable attenuation, ground loops, and voltage transients, independent of video signal content.The unparalleled interference rejection and low emissions allows video to co-exist in the same wire bundle as telephone, datacom, or low-voltage power circuits. This allows the use of shared or existing cable plant. With built-in transient protection, damaging voltage spikes are eliminated.

Novatel Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 7, Stand 49

RTLS location system
RTLS location system by Ekahau ensures safety of medical personnel on hospital premises, possibility of calling assistance and determining current location of medical equipment on a map. It is based on a standard Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g network by any manufacturer and shows objects with room accuracy.

NOVET Spółka Jawna
Pavilion 7, Stand 20

Lock cylinder with horizontal cut key. IMP certificate, Class 6 acc. to PN-EN 1303. F6Plus supplements the broad offer of ISEO lock cylinders available on the market, offering the highest class of safety at a favorable price.

ISEO line of lock cylinders is designed for building Master Key systems. CSF supports building systems with various safety levels within one system, starting from mechanical cylinders with standard cut keys, through cylinders with magnetic elements, to electronic cylinders offering limitless access control configuration options.

Multiblindo Easy
New anti-burglary, multi-point ISEO lock designed for steel and aluminum fittings. Multiblindo Easy is a self-locking device based on an innovative mechanical solution. It has an IMP certificate: safety Class 7 as specified in PN-EN 12209.

New anti-burglary, multi-point ISEO lock designed for both aluminum / steel door fittings and wooden doors, owing to its broad choice of lock box dimensions.

ISEO anti-burglary electromotive lock. The lock offers access control owing to its electronic control of the mechanism. Supports connecting to existing access control systems and internal functions, using proximity transponders, numeric keyboards or remote controls. It has an IMP certificate: safety Class 7 as specified in PN-EN 12209.

Pavilion 8, Stand 8

OptiObserver: application for simultaneous, real-time monitoring of the status of all the alarm exchanges in a selected location, using a graphic representation. The software also supports viewing history of events recorded during system operation.

ICS intelligent sensor for showcases
ICS intelligent sensor for showcases is a product detecting attempts of opening showcases, drawers, doors, etc. Using ambient magnetic field measurement technique makes the solution a better, more difficult to cheat safeguard than the ones offered so far.

Panoptika: system for automated collection, storage, and analysis of store operation data. It ensures monitoring the traffic and number of persons in the store and its specific departments. Panoptika can analyze such data as the number of receipts issued and operation of antitheft gates.

16-port exchange: new line of exchanges designed for extended applications supporting from 16 to 48 alarm ports. It has standard exchange functions protecting goods and solutions ensuring management and transmission of data over the Internet.

4-port exchange
4-port exchange: the exchange is designed for securing small showcases. Particularly recommended for advertising agencies for securing display stands. Combined with a MH2 sensor and a winder, it ensures unique product presentation.

POLON-ALFA Zakład Urządzeń Dozymetrycznych sp. z o. o.
Pawilon 8, stoisko 1

Fire Alarm Control Panel POLON 4100
Addressable, interactive fire alarm control panel is equipped with 64 addresser per loop. Low price and wide capabilities makes that it is perfect control panel and system for fire detection in small and medium-size objects.

Polon 4100_3 wersja internetowa.jpg

Pav. 7, st. 26

Hybrid NVR Integrate Access Control
The whole solution including Access Control system and the integration with Provideo Hybrid Software, also supporting the following features: event message to CMS server, integration of video record & access control information, integration of live video for IPCAM /  Video Server  / PC-DVR card and   access control information, support TCP/IP or RS-232, Support Proximity type reader, 3000 card holders / 3500 transactions, Anti-passback, Access mode available, Alarm function for door left open, Force entry alarm, Temporarily suspend all function, Password time zone restraint, Ten access time zones restraint, Twelve months holiday restraint, Eight groups of programmable personal password time zone, Password time zone programmable if  password access of card data selected, for example: use card data in regular time, card with password in holiday, Card number shown when access succeeds, The acting period of electric strike, alarm function, anti-duress and door not closed alarm can be programmable for 1 to 255 seconds.

Access Control.JPG

PV-28X full D1 capture card
Support PCI Express X1/X4 slot, Recording Rate at Full D1 Resolution, Analog Spot Monitor Out (720x480 NTSC) (720x576 PAL), Video Pre-Processing: De-interlacing (NTSC and PAL Interlaced Source), Support H.264 Decoders : Quicktime & VLC & FFDshow & MainConcept & Elecard..., Support H.264 SVC (Scalable Video CODEC) compression Recording Video Resolution : Full D1 (720x480 NTSC) (720x576 PAL),CIF (360x240 NTSC) (360x288 PAL), QCIF(180x120 NTSC) (180x144 PAL), Compression Format: H.264, MJPEG, Supported Compression Modes: VBR, CBR, Constant Quality.


Image Sensor: 1/3" 1.3MegaPixel CMOS Sensor
Image Sensor: 1/3" 1.3MegaPixel CMOS Sensor. Lens: f = 6mm or 4mm, Ethernet port: 10/100MBase-T x 1port, Digital I/O, Housing: 3-Axis bracket built-in, IR LED, Resolution: 1280x1024@15fps, 640x480 @ 30fps, Compression: H.264 / MPEG-4 / MJPEG for video, Adjustable video data rate, Synchronized video compression, Protocol Supported: DHCP, PPPoE, Dynamic DNS, TCP/IP, UDP, SMTP, UPnP, HTTP, RTSP, DNS, client SNMPv1/v2c, SIP, Stream over HTTP, Watch Dog Timer function, Support NTP time Setting, Message in mai, Provide Real Time Clock function, Hardware OSD of time display, Support Day & Night function, Mechanical IR Cut Filter(ICR): Automatically Switches (B&W Mode, Color Mode).


SD-718MP Compact Size H.264 Mega Pixel IP Module
Dimension: 42(L)x42(W)x22(H)mm, Compression: H.264 / MPEG-4 / MJPEG for video, Adjustable video data rate, Adjustable audio data rate, Synchronized video + audio compression, Protocol Supported: DHCP, PPPoE, Dynamic DNS, TCP/IP, UDP, SMTP, UPnP, HTTP, RTSP, DNS client, SNMPv1/v2c, SIP, Stream over HTTP, Provide Dynamic IP server platform for dynamic IP user, Watch Dog Timer function, Support NTP time Setting, Message in e-mail, Provide RTC (Real Time Clock) function, Hardware OSD of time display, Support POE (Power On Ethernet) function. Support 1.3 Mega Pixel CMOS sensor module, USB/SD Card support Alarm Record(Pre record / Post Record), USB/SD Card support Manual Record, USB/SD Card support Record files Recycle Function,  Support Day & Night function, Mechanical IR Cut Filter(ICR): Automatically Switches (B&W Mode, Color Mode).


Pavilion 8, Stand 2

MX Integral IP
New generation of modular fire alarm / firefighting exchanges with the following key features: 100% redundancy of all the hardware and software architecture elements, supporting operation in lattice networks using LAN network connections, use of new eXtended Line supervision loop technology, extended memory of up to 65000 events, network operation of up to 62496 exchanges.

CX Integral IP
New generation of compact fire alarm firefighting control exchanges with the following key features: redundancy of system software, supporting operation in lattice networks using LAN network connections, use of new eXtended Line supervision loop technology, extended memory of up to 65000 events, network operation of up to 62496 exchanges.

AirSCREEN ASD 535 suction system
Active system of fire detection with very high sensitivity (0.002-10%/m) designed for standard facilities (public facilities) and special facilities (server rooms, high bay warehouses, etc.). The system is fully compatible with Integral supervision loop technology. ASD 535 has been tested according to PN-EN 54-20 and received a CPD compliance certificate.

Integral RemoteAccess
System (software + hardware) solution ensuring remote monitoring, operation, configuration and start-up of a fire detection system. Use of a dedicated concept of safety of authorization process and safe data transmission makes it a secure tool for system users and installers, a solution tested by ITB.

Suitable for video stream transmitting, the hospital attention call system with voice communication combines functionality of a communication platform for healthcare units, IP telephony, Intranet and Internet platforms, and receivers of digital radio channels. It is extended with attention call devices operating at infrared and radio frequencies.

Pav. 7A, st. 14

Kamera vivotek FD8361 
VIVOTEK FD8361 is a proffesional-series outdoor fixed dome network camera featuring 2Mpix image quality and exceptional bandwidth efficiency (H.264). With day&night functionality and a weatherproof housing, it is suitable for tough outdoor surveillance environments such as parking lots and streets.


Kamera vivotek FD8161
VIVOTEK FD8161 - a Professional-series fixed dome network camera with @Mpix image quality and exceptional bandwidth efficiency. It is especially suitable for wide open spaces such as building entrances and airports or applications requiring accurate identification of human faces or license plate numbers.


SICK Sp. z o.o.
Pav. 8, st. 30

Laserowy skaner ochrony powierzchni serii LMS 100
Laser scanners of LMS family were created for indor and outdoor application, maliny focused on building security. Device operates with invisible, wide laser plane defined for monitored area, where customized alarm zones could be: set in relation to building or walles shape. Application: museums, prisons, important buildings, mobile security systems.


Pawilon 7A, stoisko 7


Delivering HD resolution images in all lighting conditions and utilising state-of-the-art image enhancement with the View-DR wide dynamic range and XDNR noise reduction technologies, the SNC-CH140 from Sony represents the very latest in fixed, HD network camera technology.



Delivering HD resolution images in all lighting conditions and utilising state-of-the-art image enhancement with the View-DR wide dynamic range and XDNR noise reduction technologies, the SNC-DH140 from Sony represents the very latest in mini-dome, HD network camera technology.




Ideal for heavy duty, outdoor monitoring applications, the SNC-RH164 rapid dome camera delivers unrivalled image quality at HD resolution (720p).




First FullHD (1920 x 1080) camera from Sony Professional. SNC-CH240 incorporates the new "ExmorTM" CMOS image sensor, which is specially designed for surveillance applications. As a result, these cameras not only provide high-quality full-HD images but additionally deliver excellent sensitivity and visibility even in challenging lighting environments.


RealShot Manager Advanced

Real Shot Manager Advanced: simple, flexible, powerful and scalable - HD-ready Intelligent Monitoring Software from Sony Professional.


S.P.S. Trading Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 7A, Stand 3

Sanyo VCC-HD2500P
Mega-pixel IP Sanyo cameras with a 1/3" transducer. Compression in JPEG and H.264 standard. Speed of 25 fps in FullHD resolution and H.264 mode. Maximum resolution in JPEG mode 2288 x 1712.

Sanyo VCC-HD5600P
Mega-pixel IP Sanyo day / night revolving cameras. Compression in JPEG and H.264 standard. Speed of 25 fps in FullHD resolution and H.264 mode. Maximum resolution in JPEG mode 1600 x 1200.

Compact Day / Night Aper camera with a mechanically slid IR filter.

Aper digital recorder with H.264 compression

Digital Aper recorders, PDR-XM series with H.264 compression

Sunlight Polska Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 8, Stand 22


Voltage 4 V, 6 V, 8 V and 12 V, capacity 0.7 Ah - 28 Ah, high performance and quality (ISO 9001) in broad range of temperatures, maintenance-free, tight and safe, life time of 5 years. Application: alarm and fire systems, UPS's, power rooms, phone exchanges, cash registers, emergency lighting systems, toys, medical equipment

Voltage 6 V and 12 V: monoblocks with 33 Ah - 200 Ah capacity, high performance and quality (ISO 9001 and IEC896-2) in broad range of temperatures, maintenance-free, tight and safe, lifetime of 10-12 years as specified by EUROBAT. Application: alarm and fire systems, UPS devices, power rooms, phone exchanges, emergency lighting, medical equipment.

Pavilion 7A, Stand 40

SGSL1: electronic seal with a seal line
Modern alternative to old metal and plastic seals or "play dough seals". The smallest, the least expensive and the most intelligent in Europe! It remembers not only being open but also when and by whom it was opened. History of last 1344 events, reading: SEVEN GUARD recorder or directly to PC.

SGSL2: electronic seal with a magnetic sensor
Features identical to SGSL1 but the line is replaced with a magnetic sensor. Very simple to use. Ideal solution for monitoring of safes, strongboxes, drawers, doors from the inside, etc. Installed inside the protected space. Reporting from SEVEN GUARD system software.

SD1xx: line of modern SEVEN DOOR encoders
The whole line of smart and intelligent encoders with unique properties. Resistant to water, dust, and vibration. Small dimensions and easy operation. Version with RFID card reader, SEVEN identifiers, two relays, digital outputs in any format (for instance Data-Clock, Wiegand, etc.).

SKxx: line of SEVEN KEY depositories
SK6, SK38, SK70, SK102: line of automated cabinets for control key circulation, versions for 6 to 102 key seats. Metal casing, automated issue of keys dependant of user rights. Operation autonomous or in TCP/IP or RS485 networks. Modern solution of uniquely extensive functionality at a very favorable price.

"Info Collator" Internet service
Innovative Internet service designed for security sector professionals. It lets you quickly find the right device offered by the market (designed for building protection systems for persons, property, and information) with the desired features.

Tandem Polska Sp. z o.o.
Pavilion 8, Stand 40

Unorthodox approach to securing goods. A clip in RF and AM technology for ideal safety of children's clothing.

Vision Evolution
Design, discretion, and efficiency: transparent VISION EVOLUTION aerial secures store entries / exits. Sound and light alarm signal passage through the activated safeguard. Height: 1500 mm, width: 330 mm, thickness: 30 mm, weight: 10 kg.

Vision EM
VISION EM aerial ensures complete transparency. It let's you optimize detection keeping aesthetics of the cash desk line; ideal for entries / exits. Maximum distance between the aerials: 140 cm. Height: 1500 mm, width: 815 mm, thickness: 20 mm, weight: 35 kg.

Software for remote diagnosis, servicing, updating and modification of software, forwarding alarms to pagers, checking deactivator operation and forwarding information about the number of alarms and functioning of the system to a selected location.

Pav. 7A, st. 43 

Varifocal Plus lens from PENTAX for Mega Pixel cameras
- TS3VP213ED-M, focal length 2,6~8mm, 1/3'', resolution 1,3 MegaPixel
- HS5VP814ED-M focal length 8~40mm, 1/2'', resolution 2 MegaPixel
The world's first varifocal lens without the loss of focus while zooming due to the patented tracking focus mechanism, PENTAX provides a unique solution to the problem of defocusing during setup.


Wireless and wired external IR detector TRIRED from Tecnoalarm
Range till 30 meters, 3 IR sensors, antimasking, digital signal processor, curtain lens, possible to connect to all control panels, operating temperature: -25ºC till +60 ºC,  battery autonomy in months: 48.


Digital Video Recorder VIGILANT PLUS with H.264 compression from 4NSYS
4, 9, 16 video inputs, 4 audio inputs, record resolution 720x576, real time recording, HDD 2x2TB S-ATA, remote control via PC, PDA, Smartphone, remote management software CMS (till 1024 cameras).


Touch-screen TSP7000 and control panel Dialog512 and Dialog96 from Tecnoalarm
7'' color touch screen with fingerprint reader. IP cameras, embedded USB port to picture's download. Dialog 512 and Dialog 96 are fully manage via IP net. Both control panels have cell phone on board. Advance programming, intelligent building functions, patented RSC, RDV.

nr4 wersja internet.jpg

Illuminators from RAYTEC
Complete range of Infra-Red, White-Light and Hybrid illuminators for CCTV professionals. Distances up to 370 meters. Adaptive IlluminationTM allows to adjust the angle of the light projection from a single unit to fit the specific demands of any installation. SMT LED's are a more robust solution increasing reliability and improving product life. 5 years guaranty.


Pav. 7, st. 23

Support MJPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264 IP camera Video compression, support 30fps @ D1 and 15 fps@SXVAG Recording, support Megapixel IP Camera with Digital Zoom, support Local&Remote Live Monitor/Record/Search/Setup/Playback/Backup, Expandable to 64ch via Remote IP Ch License, Auro Search for Easy Installation, support Versatile Network Configuration, Video Intelligence modules, support 3G/GPRS/Wi-Fi Mobile Handset. (fot.)


TP-HB26416DVD 16 channel H.264 Network DVR (with DVD-RW)
H.264/M-JPEG recording compression selectable, Quintuplicate operation for live recording, playback, remote playback and backup (DVD, USB or Network), Graphical User Interface (GUI) with mouse control supported, CMS control functions for up to 64 images. IE browser control also available built-in 3 HDD capacity (1 HDD capacity by replacing DVD player, max 1 TB SATA HDD each), 3GPP available for videos od events showing on PDA, smart phone and 3G handset, "EZ Recording" - to configure automatically the time for recording based on remaining HDD capacity, "EZ DDNS" - to set-up DDNS connection easily within 3 major steps, "EZ Burn" - to burn the backup files easily by setting up starting & ending time when doing the playback. (fot.)


TP-H788VIC-MIR 1/3" H.R. Color Weather-proof D/N IR Camera With MIR
Long-range IR Intergrated Camera with 40 IR LED for night viewing range 40~50M, advanced design of IR LED in high brightness but low power consumption to in crease of the camera, flexible wall-mount or ceiling-mount design trough optional mounting bracket, IP66 weather-proof housing designed perfectly for outdoor use, with built-in 3.7~12MM IR corrected aspherical lens, equipped with ICR (IR-Cut filter Removable) technology for true day/night pictures.


TP-100WIR-C 1/3" EyeCatch Weatherproof IR Camera
"EyeCatch" innovated style with elegant white finish and incredible low cost, IP66 Weather-proof housing for both indoor and outdoor application, 21 IR LED's for night viewing range 15~20M, 420 TV Lines with 4,3mm fixed lens (6 or 8mm optional), advanced design on IR LED to reduce it's power consumption in order to raise the reliability of LED's.


TOP-788HMP H.264 Megapixel IR Weatherproof Camera
H.264/MPEG-4/MJPEG Multi-Resolution Streaming simultaneously, Megapixel Resolution at 1280 x 1024, Built-in 40 pcs IR LED for night viewing range 40~50 Meters, Built-in ICR for True Day/Night Image Quality, With 6 mm Fixed Lens, Double Glass Design for reducing fog and IR Reflection problems, 10 Zones Hardware Motion Detection, IP67 Weatherproof Housing suitable for Outdoor conditions, Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) supported, supports 3GPP Mobile Surveillance and Internet Explorer Viewing, supports two way audio , Alarm Input/Output, Free 64CH Management Software.


Pav. 7, st. 24

Super Outdoor Camera. 1/3" color CCD Sony sensor, plus HQ1 DSP, IR projecting 100 meters in dark view, 7.5-50mm auto IRIS vari-focal lens with IR-cut filter, 540TVL, IP68 water resistant.


3-Axes Vandal-Proof Dome + Vari-focal Lens camera, 1/3" color CCD Sony sensor, plus HQ1 DSP, 2.9-10mm auto IRIS vari-focal lens, 540TVL, DC 12V. (fot.)


Vari-focal Lens camera. 1/3" color CCD Sony sensor, plus HQ1 DSP, Very-hi resolution, 540 TV line, DC 12V, 5-50mm vari-focal lens, IP66 water proof, Easy adjustment the focus and zoom without opening camera housing, simply with two magnets.


High Quality Mini box camera. 1/3" color CCD Sony sensor, plus HQ1 DSP, Very-hi resolution, 540 TV line, DC12V, Accept DC type auto IRIS lens. (fot.)


Outdoor Starlight Camera. 1/3" color CCD Sony sensor inside, Colour fidelity at either day or night time featuring 0.001 lux/ F1.0 lens, 480TVL, IP68 water resistant. (fot.)


TWOMASS Technology Co. Ltd.
Pav. 7, st. 27

LRE-100 2 Ports Long Reach Ethernet
One RJ-45 for 10/100Mbps Ethernet and one BNC Terminal Block for long disnatce transmission; Outside Connect method: BNC connector or Terminal Block with two models; Use Telephone line or Coaxial Cable using exist network wires; Proprietary Long Reach extension supporting 20Mbps at 1,5KM, 100Mbps at 200M and 40Mbps at 1KM over Cat5 Cable; Compact size: 114(L) x 86(W) x 26(H) mm.


VAM-4100M Car Recorder
One channel Dl resolution and 30FPS; Video output stream: 1,5Mbps; The standard external Wide range 130 degree camera; OSD: Full Graphic mode; Support SDHC and max. 32GB; Wide range DC input from +8V to +48V; Dimension 117(L) x 68(W) x 25(11)mm.



Pavilion 8, Stand 16

UNiTiCKET 7, UNiTiCKET 7BC contactless card readers
UNiTiCKET readers are autonomous microchip devices used in all types of electronic charging systems. Used in charging systems at ski lifts, systems servicing sport venues, recreation and parking facilities.

UniTripod turnstiles
Modern turnstiles of UniTripod series have an own drive activated after applying slight pressure or with an external impulse. There are three turnstile versions available: standard, two-arm, and ski lift. All the versions can be used outdoor.

Pav. 8, st. 56

BAR-park system
The BAR-park system is a flexible solution for all areas of public parking. The system is based on a fast and low-maintenance controller technology. They realize ticket solutions combined with cashless- and long-term-parking. Define different fares and get the time zones and many other settings.


FALCONTROL is an access control system that grants access on the basis of authorized persons' faces. It can be installed easily at the customer premises and requires no special knowledge of biometric technology. Up to 10.000 authorized persons can be stored in the system in it´s basic configuration.


µACCESS is an Stand-Alone-Access-Control with motorized Card-Reader for magnetic- stripe-cards (ISO 7810/7811). Four relays and four optocoupler inputs are included. Administration program for configuration (included in delivery). 50 records maximum (global variable, e.g. bank code).


MoT is a modular easy to configure access-control-system for a multitude of applications. Up to 255 time and area zone and more as 10.000 user are the characteristics. An extension with a GSM-SMS module is possible. All current RFID technology can be used (e.g. Mifare ®, LEGIC ®, HiTAGTM, HID).


PROXKEY M with Mifare®  technology is an RFID-Access-Control-Module. This Stand-Alone-Access-Module is manage up to 9.999 user. The compact module has a relay integrated. With the keypad (PIN guarded), the user administrate the system (accept / lock). Presence of original cards are not necessary.

Proxkey M.jpg

Pavilion 7A, Stand 6

Integrated platform for biometric identification, authorization and verification
The platform has been developed for building a reliable and efficient system of authorizing users of IT systems, ensuring multi-level protection of information, control of access to rooms, computers and applications using a public key architecture.

FingerVein readers
Finger Vein technology uses finger blood vessel patterns, that is features concealed inside human body, normally not visible. Therefore, it is a new generation of biometry, resistant to attempts of falsification and stealing identity.

WAMAX is a solution for broadband wireless data transmission compliant with WiMAX standard, using advanced cryptographic techniques for encoding transmitted data and protecting the transmission against intercepting. It is the first Polish solution operating in WiMAX technology.

e-Bistro application is a system for non-cash, safe sale of meals, using biometric features (finger blood vessel pattern) in the authorization process. It is an innovative solution guaranteeing and improving customer satisfaction level.

Platform for Operational and Process Activities
Improving operational, control, and proceeding activities; preparing data for minor criminal analyses; ensuring full accountability of officers' activities; reducing the time needed to access the data; increasing data access safety.

Xenyum Security
Pawilon 7, stoisko 56

IP Cameras
Xenyum is a leading player in the industry of high-technology CCTV products: it's a German company engaged in the distribution and integration of video surveillance solutions. Our major products are CCTV cameras (analog and IP), digital video recorder (DVR), intelligent software and management systems as well as telecommunication transmission devices.


Analog Cameras
Xenyum's CCTV field of activities is dedicated to the protection of persons and objects as well as the safety of buildings.  Xenyum's products are used in the following domains: protecting public buildings (banks, airports, hotels, etc.), monitoring of roads and traffic, car parks surveillance.


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